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100 Places to Visit in Asia Before you Die: Part 1

Here are the top 100 places you have to visit in Asia before you die! Places to see and locations to visit. Click to see the whole list. This series for the Top 100 Places to Visit in Asia was created from the huge popularity from the recent 100 Places to Visit in Europe series we did, and from all of you asking when we would finally get to the rest of the world! I figured I would start with the biggest continent, and most difficult one to pin down ONLY 100 of the best locations in: Asia.

Asia is the worlds biggest continent, and to most westerners, probably the most exotic and intriguing, so it is going to be hard to only list 100 of the best locations here. I will be covering the best of Asia from the Middle East to Central Asia to South East Asia to the Far East and even Russia, which I did not cover in the Europe series.

Once again this will be a 10 part series, each part being 10 of the best places to visit in Asia, each location recommended and described by top travel influencers. Stay tuned each week for the next part in the series, and don’t forget to share on Pinterest and Stumbleupon!

100 Places to Visit in Asia Before you Die: Part One

1 Angkor Wat Temples, Cambodia

places to visit in asia

Text and photo from Rob at Love And Road. No doubt Angkor Wat is one of  the most fascinating  places we visited in Southeast Asia. There are so much history, faith and natural beauty there that it’s hard to explain how amazed you feel when exploring it. Before heading to the temples we visited the National Museum to understand the history and plan the best way to visit Angkor Wat  We spent two long days strolling around the temples, climbing to the top of the ruins, visiting lakes and gardens, and didn’t get tired of it.

The sunrise and sunset at Angkor Wat are another spectacles you can’t miss. You will have to wake up really early and there will be many tourists  around,  but is totally worth it. Angkor Wat is the type of place you can visit many times, and will always find new ways to explore it.

2. Halong Bay, Vietnam

places to visit in asia

Img credit: Air Pano

Text from Steph from Every Steph. Halong Bay, a Unesco World Heritage site and one of the most famous destinations in Vietnam, was definitely one of the highlights of my month in the country. You can book a cruise in Hanoi that will bring you around the bay area for 2 or 3 days. There are packages for all kinds of travelers: backpackers can choose the party cruises, couples and people looking for a more glamorous cruise will find luxury cruises. You can avoid tours if you want altogether: just base yourself in Cat Ba Island and negotiate a price with a boatman. If you are looking for amazing landscapes and places to visit in Asia, Halong Bay, Vietnam is the place to be.

3. Andaman Islands, India

places to visit in asia

Flikr credit: Show In My Eyes

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands of India are a unique and beautiful place to visit in Asia. They are situated far offshore from mainland India, in the Bay of Bengal almost to Myanmar. They are known for their amazing beaches, as well as some of the best diving in the world, but what makes them really unique is that they are home to the Sentinelese people, who have had no contact with any other people and remain mostly secluded from the outside world.

Even though this is fascinating to most people, you will have to be content with visiting these remote islands solely for their beauty and exotic charm, because you can not visit or even see the Sentinelese people, and they are heavily guarded and protected. But the good news is that the beauty of the islands will be sure to keep you happy.

4. Gates of Hell, Turkmenistan

places to visit in asia

Photo and text by the Dinos over at Nomadasaurus. If you’re the kind of person that loves getting off the beaten path then there are few places in the world that could compete with Turkmenistan in Central Asia. Besides being notoriously difficult to get a visa for, Turkmenistan also holds one of the most fascinating sights in all of Asia: The Darvaza Gas Crater, otherwise known as the “Door To Hell“. This man-made crater was formed when miners were drilling for gas in the desert in 1971 and the earth collapsed beneath them. Geologists threw a match into the gaping hole to burn the leaking methane gas and it has been alight ever since. For a real adventure you can even camp right next to the crater.

5. Terracotta Warriors, China

places to visit in asia

Flikr credit:

Text from Sarah of Coffee with a Slice of Life. The Terracotta Warriors are a collection of terracotta sculptures create to represent the armies of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China. These figures were only discovered in 1974 by 3 farmers (one of which you can still have the opportunity to meet within the grounds) and have now become one of China’s most prized possessions.  
Estimates from 2007 were that the three pits containing the Terracotta Army held more than 8,000 soldiers, 130 chariots with 520 horses and 150 cavalry horses, the majority of which remained buried in the pits. These phenomenon are the main reason tourists come flocking to Xian every year, that and the world’s most dangerous hike too of course.

6. Varanasi, India

places to visit in asia

Text and photo from Tom and Meg of Food Fun Travel. Varanasi is the spiritual capitol of India and also one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, dating back to the 11th century BC.
Situated on the banks of the Ganges this is a place where you can truly immerse yourself in the history, culture and religion of India. Famous for it’s burning ghats, it is a place where many hindu’s make the pilgrimage with their deceased loved ones, so they can be cremated in the holiest and auspicious of sites. Take a boat ride to get the best views of this ancient city. Sunrise and sunset are the best times. But make sure you barter and barter hard for the price. It is a place where you a most likely to get ripped off – but absolutely worth it for the experience!

7. Pamir Highway, Tajikistan

places to visit in asia

Flickr credit: ngaire hart (lawson)

Text from Jessica of How Dare She. The Pamir Highway (aka M41) touches four countries in the Stans, but is best known through Tajikistan. It gets the name from the Pamir Mountains that it so beautifully carves through and is the second highest highway in the world in terms of altitude.

Travelers take on the Pamirs by a variety of means – their own cars (a la Mongol Rally), renting 4x4s, brave ones bicycling it or as I did (and the locals do), by catching shared cabs across the country. I recommend the latter where you’ll end up in no name cafes and sharing laughs and tea with people with whom you can’t even share a language.

8. The White Temple, Chiang Rai, Thailand

places to visit in asia

Flickr Credit: Anek Suwannaphoom

Text from Johnny of One Step For Ward.The white temple in Chiang Rai is the most beautiful temple in Thailand, bar none. It had been on my bucket list for years but I never went that extra mile from Chiang Mai to Chian Rai (about 3 hours bus journey), finally last month I did it and WOW. This should be world famous, one of the most amazing sights in the world, really. You have to see it for yourself, an absolute must if you’re in Northern Thailand!

Chiang Rai, as an area to visit, holds so much. So take a break from the beaches and parties, head up to Chiang Rai and prepare to be amazed!

9. Borobudur Temples, Java

places to visit in asia

Flickr credit: Vincent Ducasse

Text from Ian of Where Sidewalks End. Some might say it’s ironic that the world’s largest Buddhist mound is in a region which no longer has many visible traces of Buddhism being practiced. Nestled between volcanos, deep in the jungle, spotted with hundreds of buddhist statues and carvings, lay the majestic Borobudur. located in the centre of the predominantly Muslim island of Java, Indonesia is a glimpse into the history and ancient glory this region of the world holds.
As cultures mixed and some empires fell, Borobudur was taken back by the jungle until being reintroduced to the world in 1814, nearly 1000 years after it’s completion. Now a UNESCO site, Borobudur should definitely rank high on your travel list as one of the greatest temples and monuments in the world! 

10. El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

Places to Visit in Asia

Text and photo from Sabrina of Just One Way Ticket. El Nido in the Philippines has a special place in my heart. I had never seen anything like that before, it’s almost unreal, an absolute dream paradise: Imagine endless white beaches, dramatic limestone cliffs, turquoise lagoons and an underwater world, that will take your breath away.

Travelers come to El Nido for its superb diving, and fabulous island hopping opportunities. A boat trip through the archipelago will let you discover some of the most spectacular beaches and islands, and make you wish to stay forever. If you want to know how paradise look like, you’ll find it here, for sure.

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Here are the top 100 places you have to visit in Asia before you die! Places to see and locations to visit. Click to see the whole list. Here are the top 100 places you have to visit in Asia before you die! Places to see and locations to visit. Click to see the whole list.

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