Where to Stay in Bran, Romania

Nestled in the hills of Bran, Transylvanian Inn offers cozy, but spacious rooms and unbeatable views. Travelers visiting Romania head to Bran to see infamous Bran Castle (aka Dracula’s Castle), which can be seen from many of the rooms at the inn and the restaurant’s balcony.

Transylvanian Inn

Transylvanian Inn

The inn has a modern cabin-like feel, with rich, wood trimmings and massive windows. For my money, the suite is the way to go, where you get your own Jacuzzi bathtub, balcony with views of the valley and castle and your own fireplace to cozy up to.

Transylvanian Inn

The full-service restaurant is more than just the view. They offer traditional Romanian dishes, as well as other European options for different palettes. And be sure to try their homemade Romanian liqueurs – brandies infused with local fruits.

Enjoy the (included) breakfast spread before heading to town. The hotel also offers to link you up to local tours. I highly recommend the fall season when you get incredible fall colors in the hills, but it isn’t too cold yet. Though watching light snow fall out the window while at the fireplace was a pretty good view too.

The only problem is you’ll have to peel yourself away from the comfort of the hotel when it’s time to explore the area.

where to stay in branwhere to stay in bran

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