Five Great Reasons to Visit Vienna


Europe is a fantastic continent to visit. Each country is very different, which means that there is always something new to enjoy, especially if you visit the major cities.

This is certainly true of Austria and its beautiful capital, Vienna. It has a unique ambience, which leaves a positive impression on most people who stay there.

The chance to enjoy some culture

Perhaps the nicest thing about Vienna is its old school charm. The city has many formal traditions that have not changed for hundreds of years. Of course, this is true of many places, but Vienna is different.

In Vienna, they do not just dress up in traditional costumes for the odd festival. Far from it, every day, there are old-fashioned formal events going on.

Refreshingly, the Viennese are not just putting on a show for the tourists. Culture really is a part of their everyday life. Importantly, they want visitors to the city to enjoy these events too. You are more than welcome to attend these special events as well. It is easy to pick up opera tickets from, or attend one of the many balls or concerts that are held in the city.

The opportunity to enjoy Austrian wine

If you love wine, Vienna is a good base. On a daily basis, bus tours run from the city to the wine taverns of the Wachau Valley, Gobel and Heuriger Wieninger. For those visitors who do not fancy spending the day outside the city this 3-hour wine walk provides an alternative way to learn more about local wines and enjoy tasting them.

Enjoy some indie shopping

For those who like to shop the Neubau district is a wonderful place. It is home to an amazing array of shops selling unusual items that you just do not see elsewhere.

Exceptional Christmas markets

Christmas markets are popular in many large European cities, but nobody does them as well as Vienna does. For most stallholders selling good quality products is important, so they are a great place to enjoy tasty festive food, pick up special presents and some nice festive decorations.

Great food and drink

Austria is not widely known for its cuisine, but it should be. In Vienna, you get to enjoy the best of what the country has to offer. The coffeehouses have been serving perfect coffee and divine pastries, for centuries. They offer a coffee drinking experience that is every bit as good as that found in Italy.

At the Nashmarkt, you can enjoy a beer and go to Umarfisch where you point at the fish and it is cooked in front of your eyes. You should also try Kaiserschmarrn and Millirahmstrudel. The residents of Vienna simply will not put up with poor quality food, so it is very unusual to be served a poor meal in the city.

These are just my favourite reasons to stay in this beautiful city. There are many more. Vienna really is well worth a visit.


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