7 Sure Fire Ways to Save Money on Hotels

In the Internet Age, there are many ways to save money on hotels. There are amazing deals out there and you may find them via the Web. Today, we want to share 7 sure ways to save money on hotels. We want to empower you as a consumer by showing you how to make the cost of travel accommodations a lot more affordable. Try one of our tips or experiment with all of them. These tips from the experts are the key to saving money on the cost of your next trip.

1. Book Sunday Through Thursday

When you book on weekends, you should know that you’ll typically pay a higher rate than you would if you booked Sunday through Thursday. In fact, you may be charged fifty percent more. Following this simple tip is the easiest way to save money on the cost of a hotel.

2. Inquire About Upgrades When Checking In

It’s quite common to be able to access free or low-cost upgrades during check-in. However, you’ll usually have to ask for this type of perk before it’s given to you. So, make a point of asking if any upgrades are available. These upgrades will allow you to enjoy a better hotel experience for a lower price.

3. Utilize Travel Shopping Apps

These days, we all download apps which help us to stay entertained or get perks. One app which is designed to save travelers money on hotels is Hotel Tonight. When you use this app, you may find room prices while you’re on the road. This app offers lots of great deals. You may also want to check out other apps which offer similar money-saving potential.

4. Grab The Discounts That You Qualify For

You may be entitled to certain discounts when you travel. Seniors get discounts at most hotels. So do people who are police officers or AARP members. In some cases, these discounts will save travelers up to twenty percent. If you’re going to request a discount, make sure that you have proof to show that you qualify. When you do, getting a discount should be easy.

5. Opt for Off-season Travel

If you want to hit a resort for a holiday, you should be aware that the summer months will be the costliest in terms of room rates. If you decide to shift your trip to fall, winter or spring, you may save up to fifty percent. Off-season hotel rates plummet in certain areas. A bonus of off-season travel is that a resort won’t be as crowded.

Beaches in Nicaragua are gorgeous all year round

Beaches in Nicaragua are gorgeous all year round – photo courtesy of Alessandro Abis

6. Don’t Bother With Amenities

If you don’t need access to a fitness room or a pool, look for a hotel that doesn’t have these amenities and/or other amenities that you don’t plan to use. Amenities cost hotel owners money, so owners bump up room rates in order to pay for them. Also, try to avoid hotels which charge resort fees.

7. Stay At Hotels That Offer Reward Point Programs

Our last tip is to choose hotels which reward customer loyalty via rewards points programs. When you join a reward program and begin earning points, you’ll be able to rack up points which set the stage for free stays in the future, or other money-saving perks.

Now that you know 7 sure ways to save money on hotels, why not try out these tips today?

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