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5 Games To Play While Traveling

Boredom is one of the worst things to face, especially when you are traveling. As we stay connected to the world through the Internet, we have come to realize the importance of being occupied on a minute to minute basis. For this very reason, we have become even more accustomed to the idea of being involved mentally, when we are traveling, playing, or talking to someone.

If you too have a long journey planned for yourself, then it’s time to check out some games you can play to kill your free time.

Twenty Questions:

This is an age-old game; rightfully, the name says it all. Twenty questions is an enticing game, especially if you know how to play with things. The answerer chooses a subject/object, which must be discerned by the other players. To guess the object in question, the players need to ask 20 questions, so that they can understand what the object is. The more obscure the object of discussion, the harder it would be to frame questions around its existence. This way, not only do the players get to stay involved, but it proves to be a good mental exercise for people who are not afraid to use their grey cells.

games to play when traveling

The Story Game:

The name of the game is the Story Game. Funny as it may sound, there are a lot of variations one can add during the playing period. Ideally, one person should start the story, and then others can keep adding to it, making the tale unwind as it goes. Right from putting in magical creatures to making it more adventurous, this is an ideal game for people of all ages, who are getting bored and want to get some free time off their hands.

Slot Games:

Although, a little different than the other games mentioned here. I do have a thing for slot games. They are my candy crush! When people think slot games they think gambling but there are lots of slot games that you can play for free. To kill some time (and brain cells) you can’t beat slot games. Most slots are mobile friendly and don’t require download so you can play them on the go, which makes them perfect for travel.

Two Truths and a Lie:

An ideal game if you want to get people guessing. The whole idea behind the game is to throw three statements at your fellow players. Two statements out of these need to be right while one needs to be a lie. The players need to guess the lie, without too much prompting. Let’s see how much your family and friends know you.

Dumb Charades:

One can never tire of playing this game, just because it gets everyone involved in a frenzy. One person from each team has to enact a given movie title, while the team members are supposed to guess the name through assumptions and suppositions. As the time begins to run out, the players often get into a frenzy, trying to tie the loose ends for guessing the name of the movie.

Depending on the type of preferences you have, there are a lot of options available to players. While some can be played online, many others can be played offline as well. Which one are you going to choose today?

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