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9 Interesting Facts About Dubai

Think Dubai, and the first thing which comes to mind are the undulating dunes, the delicious Arabic meals and the winding roads. This is not all, for the country is well known for its famous “Belly Dancing”, white sand beaches and towering skyscrapers. Well, is this all there is to do in Dubai? It’s time to think again, for this is just the tip of the iceberg.

  1. Hotels:

With a 7-star hotel and a series of 5-star hotels adorning the skyline of the city, there is a lot on offer in Dubai. The city is dotted with beautiful, luxurious hotels, each of which promises to be better than the other. The Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa and Al Mahara are some of the prominent names which are like the crown jewels of Dubai.

  1. No record of crimes:

Unlike some of the other cities of the world, Dubai boasts to be a crime free city. Considered to be one of the safest cities in the world, this Arabic town is the haven for its residents. With a lot of strict punishments for offenders, there is almost negligible scope for crime, which makes it a city to reckon with.

  1. First debt intolerant city:

If you have the means to pay off your pending dues, only then you can be a happy resident of Dubai. Yes, you read that right. If you are struggling to pay your dues on a month on month basis, get ready to be deported immediately. This is a debt intolerant city; if you don’t have the means to manage your livelihood, it’s best to say goodbye to your lavish lifestyles.

  1. Growing city:

Dubai is indeed a city to reckon with; it’s growing at an alarming pace, and the end does not seem to be anywhere near. Given the thriving tourism perspective, lax law regulations and abundant luxuries available to the residents, Dubai has everything one can dream of. Enjoy the comforts money can buy and live like a king/queen, as the city continues to expand at a steady pace.

  1. A mini city within the city:

Remarkable! Trust the Arabs to keep reinventing their own beliefs. To be ahead of everyone else, Dubai is beginning to build a mini-city within the main city. Shocked? Well, it’s true. The mini city is slated to be 2.25 the size of Monaco< and will have its personalized climate controls. Despite the heat, you will feel like you are in sheer heaven.

  1. Gambling is Legal:

Some people say that Dubai is like Las Vegas but without the casino’s and gambling. However, this is not strictly true. Given the conservative leanings of Islamic culture, you probably thought that gambling was illegal. Not, so! Dubai, is only one of three countries in the UAE where gambling is tolerated. While, you won’t find slot games which are so popular these days. You will find lots of race tracks. And you can bet to your hearts content.

  1. Adieu premarital sex:

Despite all the monetary leeways, Dubai is still conservative in its age-old traditions. For this very reason, premarital sex is always a taboo in the Arabic city, making it impossible to be consummate before tying the knot. Be wary of your affairs, for your unthwarted actions might land you on the wrong side of the law.

  1. Experience snow in the middle of the desert:

Doesn’t this sound ironical? Having snow in the middle of the desert? Well, not for Dubai. The Dubai Mall offers this panoramic facility, wherein you can ski right in the desert, without having to worry about catching a chill. Offering an indoor ski resort spanning over 22500 square meters, the snow park is going to amaze your wits.

  1. Planning to drink – obtain a license first:

If you are someone who likes an evening drink to relax your frazzled nerves, then you might need to get a license to drink, even in your own home. While this does sound very weird, it’s nevertheless true. Think before you start enjoying your drink on the rocks.

  1. Oil everywhere:

There is a reason why Dubai is considered to be one of the top producers of oil in the world. With massive oil reserves everywhere, there is a lot of oil being produced daily. In fact, it contributes 6% to the world’s total oil income.


Dubai is truly a modern marvel. While, it has some what we in the west might consider weird traditions ( I mean a license to drink – come on!), it is still a city rich with culture.

If Dubai is on your bucket list make sure you scratch it off. It is definitely worth a visit.

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