How I Got $400 Round Trip Tickets from Texas to New Zealand

Airfare costs are often the most expensive part of international travel. That has always kept me from traveling to many bucket list destinations. That was until I got lucky enough to find $400 round trip tickets from Texas to New Zealand.


Disclaimer: this offer is no longer available, but I want to teach you how to catch the next one around.

Normally round trip tickets from Texas to New Zealand run just under $1,500. I don’t have that kind of money to throw around, so I began hunting for ways to save money on airfare.

Enter Escape ATX. is a travel website that hunts down airfare deals out of Austin. The website scours other travel aggregators like Google Flights and Priceline to find its users the best deals available.

The website was created in 2012, and I have used it as often as possible since I discovered it. The deals found here are one world-class airlines and are cheaper than anything else I have found.

$400 Tickets to New Zealand

I follow Escape ATX on Facebook and through their newsletter. The website will post good deals through all of its social media, but I highly suggest signing up for their newsletter. That is how I got the airfare deal before anyone else.

Facebook uses its algorithms to decide what content to show you. That means you may or may not see the Escape ATX deals quickly enough to sign up!

The trick is that you have to be ready to buy the good deals when they show up. You won’t have much time to be picky. My flight to New Zealand was sold out almost four hours after Escape ATX posted it!

Finding International and Domestic Flights

While Escape ATX has many international flights (like a round trip from Texas to Milan for less than $600), many of their flights are domestic. You can find flights from Austin to Califoria or New York for 2/3rds of the original price reguarly.

Escape ATX Homepage

Escape ATX showcases cheap flights from Texas to anywhere in the world!

But what if you are not in Austin? Don’t worry, you’re still in luck! Escape ATX is part of the Escape City family, which includes metros outside of Austin city limits. Currently there are four Escape websites for other cities:

  1. Escape Houston
  2. Escape Dallas/Fort Worth
  3. Escape New York/Newark
  4. Escape Chicago/Milwaukee

Keeping an eye on Escape ATX through social media and through its newsletter let me snag two $400 tickets from Austin to New Zealand. Now I am getting ready to have the adventure of a lifetime! You can do the exact same thing with a little patience and good timing.

Question: What is your favorite website for cheap dream vacation flights? Leave a comment below.

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