In the last episode I was diving around Gili Air with Blue Marlin Dive, and this episode I head to Gili Meno! Make sure to subscribe!
In this episode I head back to Indonesia for a month of diving with Blue Marlin Dive, throughout the Gili Islands and Komodo! Make sure to subscribe!
In Dauin I got to experience some of the best macro critters in the world! Next week I head to Sumilon Island in Philippines! If you like my vlogs, make sure to subscribe!
I finally got to cross Raja Ampat from the best diving in the world list, and it did not disappoint. Next week I start exploring Philippines! If you like my vlogs, make sure to subscribe!
This week I am exploring Java with Wonderful Indonesia, including some amazing temples. This is the first vlog that I got to use a drone! Now I am going to have to buy one! Next week we go to...
A new week, a new vlog! This one was hard to make, and I realized that I am an absolute novice at vlogging, as half the time I forgot the mic, half the time I just forgot to record,...

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